Represented and worked with some of the biggest names and faces in the entertainment industry.



SNA’s brand is INFLUENCE:

SNA works with prominent authors, actors, actresses, musicians, film producers, directors, designers, content creators, influencers, production companies, distribution companies, television properties, special events, and public figures.

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SNA creates publicity, marketing, advertising and/or media campaigns for its clients, especially those who possess exceptional creative abilities and rare talent, to attract attention from the media and press, by creating roadmaps that utilize the talents’ spotlight. SNA custom-fits and tailor-makes each client’s campaign to ensure that its clients reach their goals and are well-represented in the media. SNA aligns its clients with a complementary team of publicists that strategically implement and execute specific goals utilizing the unique skills of its clients. SNA concentrates on maximizing the media and press available to the client due to its direct relationships with reporters, editors, producers, bloggers and other members of the press. SNA’s teams may include communications experts who direct and manage some of the world’s renowned actors, filmmakers, musicians, personalities, athletes, comedians, and successful entrepreneurs. SNA prepares media plans, public awareness and executes public awareness campaigns for its clients. SNA focuses on plugging its clients into its network in the digital, print, creative and personal spaces, while simultaneously creating media and PR opportunities that engage its clients with different media network opportunities that reach varied audiences so as to build its clients’ fan bases in national and international markets.


SNA utilizes innovative marketing strategies for press releases, creating new milestones in the music business. SNA currently is involved in various facets of the music industry including public relations, creative branding, creative direction, marketing and advertising campaigns, to press and promotional tours. SNA has launched new emerging artists and indie artists to today’s music consumers. SNA not only maintains and preserves the public image of its established music artists, producers and writers but enhances and heightens their current presence through SNA’s creative publicity and other campaigns. Due to SNA’s cultivated relationships with mainstream media outlets, SNA effectively implements grassroots and innovative creative campaigns that builds the public’s awareness with the objective of creating a loyal fan base for its clients.


SNA works with studios and production companies, and on individual projects for theatrical film, television, home video, and DVD platforms. SNA employs a specialized, results-driven approach to each campaign, highlighting the individual strengths and unique characteristics of each project. From the limited releases of independent films to worldwide studio releases, SNA prides itself on the creation and execution of effective promotional campaigns for each film project which is rooted in research and aimed at target audiences and demographics. SNA has traveled to various locations around the globe, showcasing groundbreaking films to worldwide media outlets in addition to opinion leaders, critics and festival juries. From Cannes to Venice and Sundance to Tribeca, SNA provides full-service festival support to its clients. Given its extensive work with actors, SNA understands how to promote both the actor and the film in mainstream media, so that it is mutually beneficial to the actor and the production company/film distributor. Due to the ever-shrinking windows between a theatrical release and its DVD, SNA believes that the release of the DVD can also generate new publicity opportunities, consumer interest, thereby resulting in increased sales. Thus, SNA creates a targeted press campaign for the DVD’s release.


SNA has worked with some of the best gaming developers and publishers around the world. SNA infiltrates popular culture with strategic activations to connect gaming clients to target consumers utilizing social media, influencers, and traditional media networks of magazine editors and bloggers. SNA builds client relevance by creating opportunities where clients can connect with players and fan communities through innovative methods such as creative social media feeds and tradeshows.


At SNA, we harness the large fan power of sports to develop compatible, relevant, and engaging consumer activations for clients.


SNA has built a reputation over the years and has been for driving mainstream media coverage to sports and other events. SNA’s capabilities and experience in events are reflected in the concerts, music festivals, movie premieres, television, brand launches, store openings, gifting suites, philanthropy, fashion previews and runway shows in which SNA has been involved. SNA team of experts utilizes its network of resources to produce media-driven events that are organically integrated with a client or brands marketing objective. In addition to producing and consulting on events, SNA creates red carpet press, red carpet management, celebrities, event management, creative design, location scouting, guest invitations, sponsorships, vendors and more.


SNA is SHARP, SOPHISICATED, and STRATEGIC -- delivering impactful program development and activations for both emerging and established brands, organizations and charities, using popular culture as the platform.

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SNA provides strategic customized innovative marketing to increase its clients brand relevance and exposure through domestic and international branded marketing campaigns.


SNA matches fashion and accessory brands with prominent celebrities to provide heightened brand awareness. SNA focuses on connecting designers and sensational stars for red carpet appearances, securing editorial placements for the fashion brand and coordinating product placement with celebrity seeding among Hollywood’s elite. SNA keeps abreast of the Fashion industry as it progressively evolves. This intelligence gives SNA the ability to obtain exposure for clients at the world’s highest profile events including the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, The Emmys, The Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, charity events, galas and film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, The Toronto Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, etc.


SNA’s brands team has long-standing relationships that they have cultivated over the years with lifestyle, consumer and entertainment public relations, corporate communications and creative solutions. SNA’s motto is, “Media drives success!” SNA’s brands team increases brand awareness through key domestic and international demographics by using leading edge marketing tools such as media relations, creative solutions, press campaigns, advertising, media planning, media buying, production, sponsorships, product placement, consumer promotions, viral campaigns, targeted brand initiatives, celebrity alignment, and engagers with brand outreach programs.


SNA utilizes a unique and detailed approach to its client communications. SNA’s keen understanding of the media enables SNA to effectively position messages so that our clients/brands make headlines in the media. SNA crafts compelling content which it promotes through every possible avenue including company profiles, bios of leading executives, press releases, key messages, speeches, reactive statements, marketing materials and web content. SNA works closely with its clients to ensure that any written promotional materials positively reflect its clients’ vision or goals. Whether it is a new product launch aimed at consumers, or a major partnership announcement designed to excite investors, SNA brings its experience and expertise in creating written materials that resonate. The team here at SNA has written remarks, speeches, key note addresses and award presentations for a host of influential leaders, CEO’s and entertainers.


SNA reaches captive audiences by incorporating brands organically into entertainment properties, enabling clients to overcome the digital video recorder trend. Aligning brands to iconic Hollywood content, celebrities, and influencers, SNA drives on-screen brand exposure with a comprehensive placement process such as script reading and analysis, relationship building with key production decision makers, and distribution to film and television production companies. Our successful platform builds brands through the power of entertainment. SNA also understands product placement, a pertinent component in corporate marketing strategy. SNA leverages clients’ integration in entertainment properties to drive excitement and validity in the consumer marketplace. SNA core brand integration components consist of television, film and online product placement, strategic entertainment alliances and entertainment-themed consumer promotions.


SNA has learned through experience, that to gain favoritism in domestic and international markets, brand messaging is a key factor in building trust with its targeted consumers. Cross promotion and strategic alliance partnerships are developed to generate sales for SNA clients. It also results in the brand organically resonating with the targeted consumers. Cross promotion builds brand relationships, brand awareness and ultimately drives positive sales.


SNA identifies, establishes, and leverages talent relationships through pop-culture and mainstream-media-culture. SNA aligns clients with celebrity influencers from TV personalities, actors, recording music artists, politicians, athletes, reality stars and select high profile talent to organically promote our clients and brands.


Strategic marketing and communications research shows that word of mouth plays an enormous role in consumer purchase decisions. Creating the proper influencer networks for our clients are effective for attaining clients’ objectives. SNA has access to thousands of influencers and understands the value of matchmaking a brand with the suitable influencer(s). Once retained and a budget allocated to influencer engagement is reached with the client, SNA works with brands and influencers to produce creative direction that results in messaging that is organic to the brand and the influencer.


Executive leadership individuals have talent, experience, passions and expertise, which SNA uses to build exposure and recognition internally and externally within the leaders’ organizations. It is in the executive’s and their organization’s best interests to share their story to build greater awareness, higher profiles, brand enhancement, to strengthen market positioning. Through SNA’s strategic partnerships, it develops campaigns from hosting events, taking advantage of speaking opportunities, to conducting original research and corporate social responsibility activities. With campaigns that may include strategic planning, the creation of an internal or external speaking bureau, crafting speeches and presentations, and the essential entrees into speaking platforms, SNA ensures the success of its clients by maximizing moments in the media, social events and public engagements.


In today’s fast paced world of social, online and tabloid media, even a minor misstep in a business or career can easily and quickly become negative press. SNA understands that bad things happen, often unexpectedly. SNA has the knowledge and experience to swiftly and effectively diffuse media crises. When a crisis occurs, SNA leverages its resources by assembling a team suitable to address the situation. SNA’s crisis management team then will walk a client through the steps necessary to seamlessly deal with such a crisis.


SNA helps professionals and organizations establish brand identity and market their brands at appropriate trade shows to maximize the client’s return on investment. Initially SNA and its client develop strategies and tactics to achieve its client’s goals at a tradeshow. For example, if a client wants to become a leader in a particular industry, SNA works with the client to amplify its brand's presence at tradeshows by reinforcing brand identity through speaking engagements, appearing on a panel and by promotional materials. Further, SNA focuses on maximizing a client’s exposure by leveraging the media at the conference and using social media to enhance the client’s profiles and gain new followers.


Stories, comments, or opinions that may impact a client’s brand are authored regularly through news articles and social media. Through SNA’s wide-ranging media intelligence capabilities, it gathers and analyzes data available through social media and news media outlets. SNA has real-time access to millions of social media conversations and news articles so that it has the capability of monitoring specific topics, brands and/or issues. Additionally, SNA has access to innovative artificial intelligence that has a higher percentage of accuracy than other analysts in the global market could provide. Media monitoring also allows SNA to develop more effective campaign strategies for its clients so that they may make more informed business decisions. SNA’s Insight plus intelligence equals an advantage.


SNA’s digital capabilities and access to media gives its client’s brands a VOICE. From creative campaigns to moving digital experiences, SNA delivers its clients’ impactful brand messaging.


SNA stays ahead of the curve by expanding its digital landscape. Working across numerous service categories as well as collaborating with dedicated digital clients, SNA strategically shapes its clients’ use of social media to build synergistic opportunities in the digital space. Through SNA’s extensive relationships with platforms, companies and influencers, SNA builds custom campaigns for every client. With years of experience, SNA has cultivated a keen understanding of social media and how to make its client’s content stand out in this sphere.


SNA has established relationships with some of the world’s most renown creative talent. SNA excels in branding its clients. SNA offers fully integrated creative solutions ranging from branding to web design, video production, treatments to photography and everything in between. SNA’s team of graphic designers, analysts, tech gurus and creative specialists offers SNA’s clients a menu of attainable options. Thus, SNA has a team of consultants whom work on projects on an as needed basis.


Every good marketing plan focuses on consumers, cost, convenience and communication. At SNA, we also believe in creative marketing. Moving well beyond the traditional public relations firm, SNA’s work with many of the world’s most respected companies and brands reflects its strong abilities in marketing, branding and creative initiatives. SNA is built on a strategic understanding of identity. When a new product or brand enters the marketplace, SNA creates and develops one-of-a-kind campaigns that champion the brand’s distinguishing characteristics so that it may rise above the competition. SNA has executed campaigns for television, film, music, high-end cosmetics, fine jewelry, lifestyle products, fitness products, luxury brands and charities. Whether it is traditional marketing or a viral campaign with new media solutions, SNA focuses on delivering results that are cost-effective, correlate with comprehensive public relations outreach, resonate with consumers and greatly exceed the expectations of the client.


SNA executes its clients’ campaigns with strategic media exposure through numerous media outlets with which it has access and personal relationships. SNA works with agents, lawyers, and business managers to ensure comprehensive representation during the campaign process. Through SNA’s internal network and long-lasting relationships within the entertainment industries, SNA has access to coveted off-market opportunities to effectively promote its clients to a highly qualified, curated list of potential connections. Furthermore, SNA’s longstanding network of relationships encompasses not only editors, media, producers, but high net worth individuals with an appetite for talent-centric opportunities and transactions.

Social media has revolutionized public relations, communications and marketing. It moved brands to a conversation in which consumer become stakeholders. A successful social media strategy must deliver not only likes and new followers, it must also deliver on brand promises.


SNA customizes and tailors the brand’s story to compel influencers to promote the brand. By maximizing impact, followers and volume of posts, it also maximizes the impact of the brand. SNA also performs content audience matching, cross platform access geo-fencing and hyper-targeting to interconnect target consumers in the physical and digital worlds. The result is action based measurement from increased audience generation to user acquisition and downloads.


SNA understands how important research, data, and insights are to serve its clients’ needs and objectives. In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, SNA has access to proprietary tools to help its clients achieve their goals and remain at the forefront of their individual industries.


SNA has a respect and unique understanding for both the corporate and creative worlds. SNA pursues endorsement opportunities for its client’s brands. When a brand connects with an actor, filmmaker, music artists, or athlete, it should be a natural extension for both the product and the personality. As a company built upon a foundation of long-standing entertainment relationships, SNA allows corporations unfamiliar with the entertainment marketplace to access SNA’s network to create endorsement opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both parties. SNA has bridged essential partnerships between brands, non-profits, publishing partners and special events. For brands, SNA can make the right connections within the entertainment industry for endorsements, licensing deals, promotional ventures, product placement, exclusive content, event attendance and/or marketing initiatives. In addition, SNA also can pursue endorsement opportunities for certain clients.


SNA utilizes cutting edge marketing strategies for companies and brands in international territories. For example, SNA can create an event, launch, premiere, celebration, etc to market a brand. If a client desires to have celebrity talent appear at an event. SNA’s long-standing relationships with world-renown talent, their agents and managers, can arrange for that celebrity talent to appear at the event, venue, launch, or corporate function.


SNA has a unique understanding and respect for both the corporate and creative worlds. SNA pursues sponsorship opportunities for brands open to potential business ventures with essential partnerships between non-profits, publishing partners, special events and other brands. For brands, SNA makes connections with the entertainment industry for sponsorships, licensing deals, promotional ventures, product placement, exclusive content, event attendance and marketing initiatives.


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